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The Puppet Players started in July of 2011 with their first webisode of Chuck and Steve Present: Fancy Dress. The idea for a puppet company had been bouncing around in Lesley and Lawrence's heads for some time before that but that video is the first time they did a puppet skit together. And then in September they were contacted by Gwenetta who read about Lesley's puppet exploits in Lesley's bio in a playbill at New Stage Theatre. Lesley and Lawrence agreed to perform at Addison's birthday party and now having had a taste of performing are looking forward to many more performances and smiling faces.

Lesley's Bio and Pic will be here soon

Lawrence's Bio and Pic will be here soon

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We make free to watch webisodes to try to make as many people smile as possible, but these videos cost money to produce... so if we made you smile or if you like to make others smile, please consider making a paypal donation using the button below. Thank you!

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